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If you’re like me, when you drive past the decommissioned Marine Corps Air Station in Tustin, its two enormous hangars stir up romanticized images of the heyday of aviation, when Howard Hughes and the Rocketeer were pushing the envelope above the clouds.

You just know there were some secret, Nazi-destroying missions that were hatched inside those two hangars, right?

OK, maybe I’m being a bit overzealous here, but those hangars are pretty cool, and it turns out the fate of those hangars—along with the surrounding land they’re on—is in the news again.

The hangars are part of Tustin Legacy, a 1,600-acre development project that was about halfway finished when the Great Recession hit.

After five years of planning and construction—developer Shea Homes bailed on the project in 2010—new residents have finally begun to trickle in, with renters moving in to Anton Legacy, a small apartment complex right next to The District shopping center, over the weekend, and with Amalfi Apartments set to finish construction in the spring, according to a recent article in the OC Register.

The Irvine Co. is also building luxury apartments, and homebuilder Standard Pacific is working on 375 single-family homes in the community of Greenwood.

But all this construction still leaves a big chunk of the land around those hangars still undeveloped, and Tustin city officials are still working on a plan for the area, the OC Register said, with a draft of the plan scheduled for public comments by the end of March.

What would you do with the rest of Tustin Legacy? And, more important, what would you do with those hangars, which are still owned by the military but are set to be transferred to the city of Tustin and the county of Orange soon?

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