Sean Dezahd


I am a broker who has served the real estate needs of Orange County residents since 1996. I take pride in being personable, fun, and easy to work with, and my clients often tell me that they choose to work with me because I make it a point to truly listen to their needs. I am particularly skilled in negotiation and working as the arbiter who seamlessly resolves the conflicts that invariably arise in every real estate transaction.

Because I have a background in loans—I was a loan officer for four years—I am able to guide my clients and their transactions in a way that few real estate agents can. For example, when acting as a seller’s agent, I can better identify legitimate buying leads and weed out inferior leads. As a buyer’s agent, I am better able to direct buyers toward a property that meets their budget, as well as direct them to the proper resources for a loan that meets their requirements.

As a seller’s agent, I can provide clients with access to the resources needed to sell their home at the highest possible price, including through professional photography; staging; professional copy writing on marketing fliers; mailing campaigns; a dedicated property web page; open houses and mega-open houses; and featured placement in important websites including Trulia, Zillow, YouTube,,, Facebook, Twitter, and others. I can also provide a room-by-room analysis on what should be spruced up in your home to help you sell it for top dollar, as well as guide you in deciding what you should leave alone.

As a buyer’s agent, I specialize in truly listening to the buyer’s needs and using my considerable knowledge of the local market and its vagaries to not only get them a property that fits as many of their wants as possible, but that also fits their budget.

Sean Dezahd